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How's my driving?


Character: Geoffrey
Series: Disgaea 3
Version: Pre-game.
Age: ...Old.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown

Geoffrey wears glasses. He has gray hair and a beard that covers his mouth. On top of his prominent nose rests a pair of foggy tight glasses. He possesses an inhuman ash skin tone and pointy triangular ears.
His suit is black with goofy-sized red buttons, the inside of this suit is also red and he wears a tiny ribbon around the neck and a chemise matching the color of his snow white butler gloves and his thin loose scarf.
The tail of the jacket is long and curly just like his eyebrows.

But don't be fooled. This is a mask. Geoffrey's true name is Aurum and his true form is that of a middle aged man with long curly brown hair, dressed in red and golden robes. The only thing he shares in common with his fake persona are the eyebrows. His small eyes, now uncovered, are of a dull blue.

He has another form too, one he uses him battles. His modest robes are hanged on his waist showing his musculature. A blue aura is emanated from him. There's some sort of belt pressed against his bare chest, like it is holding the huge "engine" he has on his back. This engine, according to Aurum, is something he made out of parts from monsters and demon he killed, eight wings sprout from it.


All Geoffrey cares about is Mao, the demon boy he serves. This butler's goal is to raise the most evil overlord the (nether)world ever knew and he will do anything in his hands to achieve it! Geoffrey's relationships with other people are directly affected by the influence they bring to the young master. If you try to make Mao deviate from his devilish behavior or show him kindness he will frown upon you and treat you like a pest.
He is a meticulous character who plans everything ahead especially his master's education.

Aurum, his true self that he hides from everyone, is a brave hero that's even printed on his country's money as a form of gratitude to their savior. He supposedly possesses many virtues worthy of a hero but deep down he knows the source of his fortune and success are not his heroic deeds but the existence of an evil force.


Geoffrey is good at teleporting, creating portals and appearing at the most appropriate times.
He can gather information about any person or object easily.
There are rumors stating that he is far stronger than Mao himself but he'd rather not to fight…

On the other hand, in his original form, he is indeed very powerful and he has got a huge sword he carries with his enormous strength. Both his defense and attack are very high. He his very resistant against magical attacks. He attached to his body parts (such as wings, for example) of monsters and demons he killed and somehow, he can levitate. No wonder he is so powerful! He is a final boss!


Although Geoffrey is very passionate about his job some important details might escape him making situations don't go as he initially planned. He is obsessed with Mao's upbringing and he doesn't mind to hurt anyone in the way of his path to get what he desires.


For two long hundred years Geoffrey has been caring of a young demon boy named Mao. He has been guiding and raising him with a strict education… However, this doesn't mean that Mao has a tight schedule, must look and behave properly and always say “please” and “thank you” like a nice lad, au contraire, we’re talking about a strict demon education. That's right, Mao's “education” is solely based on bad behavior and so far he has been so good at following it that he yearned the title of “Honor Student” at the Evil Academy.

Evil Academy is a netherworldian school that cherishes bad students who skip classes and cause chaos whenever they go. In a demon society it is expected to have awful behavior and poor morals.

Now, as we see, this all takes place in a ruthless spineless world were its people, called demons, are expected to be savages and brutes, then, why would a man care for a spawn that it is not his own? Is it love…?

Mao is no ordinary orphan child. He is the son of the Overlord, a massive creature that rules the Evil Academy which, by the way, it occupies the entire netherworld. Legends tell that he's the strongest overlord in the universe with strength equal to no other.
Only the bravest dare to fight him and one of them was a hero! This hero, whose name was Aurum, was beloved by his homeland which he protected against all adversities. He soon met fame and fortune in the kingdom and his kind deeds as well as his “hero oaths” were known across the land. Aurum was ready to fight one of the biggest matches of his life now.

He only had advantages at his side: the very own Overlord's son and told him his father's weaknesses trusting him with a promise, and he had the unbeatable power of light, of course!
There was a problem though. The beast refused to fight… How outrageous! Why wouldn't an evil monster want to fight?
Then the reason for this reached a whole new level of absurdity to Aurum's hears. This overlord didn't want to fight because he was worried about the welfare of his son.

The hero went into a blind range. He was there to destroy the being responsible for humanity's source of suffering and despair. How can someone that evil have any sort of compassion? Incomprehensible!
Aurum slayed the Overlord till he met his death. After that, a painful realization entered his mind.

No, it wasn’t the boy’s promise of sparing his father's life. It was his reputation and his existence! Without a threatening wicked overlord the human kingdom will have peace and he will no longer be needed. He will eventually be forgotten and discarded, falling into poverty.
Aurum soon entered in a depressive state until he saw him.
The Overlord's son was going berserk showing his terrible amount of power.
Guess Aurum’s hero reputation wasn't over yet.
Geoffrey was this hero.

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creating the perfect overlord, making preparations early, planning, plotting, serving the young master, young master
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